Remote Online Notarization Services

The term "RON" is often used as shorthand for Remote Online Notary or Remote Online Notarization.

Do You Meet the Requirements for Online Notarization?

1 - A PC or iOS computer is necessary (desktop or laptop). Mobile devices don't allow me to see you at all times as required by my online notary laws. Please do not attempt this with a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad.

2 - Requires a recent 3-year financial history in the USA. This is for the 5 KBA Questions that will be asked of you. Lexis-Nexis provides my KBA service through my platform SIGNiX.

3A - You will need an unexpired U.S. state-issued driver license, state-issued ID, or a U.S. Passport for the credential analysis phase. We use IDology to verify your credential.

We cannot accept foreign passports, military ID, concealed handgun licenses, visas, immigration documents or any other type of ID except what is stated in #3 above.

3B - If you do not have #2 or #3, you will need a "Credible Witness" who is willing to sign a sworn affidavit as to your identify.

The credible witness must have the items in #2 and #3. This individual may not be related to you by blood or marriage and cannot be involved in the document you need notarized.

For instance, attorneys who use my services go through the ID process once; thereafter, the attorney acts as a credible witness and introduces their clients to me and swears to their identity.

4 - Smartphone - For credential analysis, you will need to take a picture of your ID and upload it using your smart phone. (Your smartphone telephone number must be based in the U.S.)

5 - Uninterrupted Live Video Feed only, please. Your internet access must be fast and strong enough to stream movies without the movie stuttering or buffering.

Contact me to set up an appointment.

Remote Online Notarization (RON )

using the SIGNiX platform.

Online Notary Services

How RONs are Performed

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I chose to use the SIGNiX online notary platform for 3 reasons.

1 - The company and its servers are located in the U.S. That is not true of all online notary platforms. The principals of SIGNiX are U.S. Citizens. I like that because they are subject to the same laws as you and I.

2 - Every document and notarial act has a very detailed audit history.

3 - SIGNiX has invested in technology that allows its signature panels to be verified independently anywhere. You don't need to go back to the notary to see if your document is still locked and has not been tampered with.