3/21/2021 5 Things to Know About Handling Wills

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ID, Witnesses, Signer

Identify witnesses, especially if they are named in the certificate.

Most states require witnesses; always make sure those will be there.

Must be able to ID the signer.

Experience & Skill

Don't take the assignment if you don't have a good bit of experience.

If not done right by the notary it can cloud a title.

Like General Notary Work on Steroids!

Some notaries don't take wills as assignments because they may be incomplete.

Be sure that you check to make sure the signers are alert.

Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)

Be very careful about answering questions.


Be sure that you know before you quote a fee if there will be other documents, because there usually are.

Will is Free if you have Legal Shield.

Be careful about notarizing wills online because there's no precedent regarding witnesses.

Michelle: Called for a will by son who was calling for his mom. Michelle says she asks questions to make sure the signer is alert. She left the signing appointment because the woman was being coerced.