3/14/2021 Marketing your Notary Services

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Marketing your Notary Services (Outline)

Phyllis Traylor - Moderator -

Texas Notary Patron Learning Community

Finding a Target Market

Example Seniors

Hospice care owners

Senior Care Facilities

People who serve Seniors

Learn to Show Customer Appreciation

Don't forget former clients - let them know you apprectiate their business.

Read Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port



How to do a resume?

Brenda: See article at http://bit.ly/marketkit4u

How can I market to attorneys & real estate agents?

Phyllis: Networking

Phyllis & Jake: Join associations where your targets are.

Get involved.

How can insurance companies impact your business?

MIchelle: Market to insurance agents directly.

Why is it important to have a relationship with UPS Store?

Michelle: UPS offers notary services and they can also refer business to you.

Take box of business cards and let them know about your services.


How to complete and I9,

Check out I9 USCIS.gov


Terrible handwriting okay?

Try to print neatly.


Find volunteer lawyer events.

Take your card.


Endorses Online Notaries

Be Flexible

Develop a relationship!

Brenda Stone

Online Notary @ StoneDigital.me

Offer to Trade Services or Merchandise

Actual Business Owners, not owned by corporate.

Nail Salon



Make In-person Visits to "Clusters"

Office Parks

Medical Center Offices

Shared offices

Find Customers Where they go.

Look for sponsorship opportunities for your targeted client base.

Sponsorship could be any type of youth activity.

It costs from $300 - $2500 in my town for Little League.

It works best if you are active in the place that you sponsor something. Attend little league baseball games with an attention getting shirt that also has the team name on it.

Even better is when you get to set up a table at a place where your targeted base will be.

Any kind of fair or festival in your area.

Do a door prize drawing.

Where you see there will be a conference or special meeting, there will almost certainly be opportunities to provide a little gift item.

Even if the recipients leave the area you will be able to market to the grateful hosts that are sponsoring the meeting.


See also


When going to market to TC

Dress for success.

Appease the receptionist.

Go to medical community.

ALWAYS have your card handy.


Need to have an embossed seal.

Always ask for feedback!


See also

Alabama Adult Ed.

Go to medical facilities.


Acute Care

Nursing Homes

Per Vanessa - target surgical oncologists and their case managers aka financial advisors.

Invest in magnetic cards to go on filing cabinets.

Turn your competitor into a partner.

Someone you can refer business to.

Brenda Stone brenda@stonedigital.me