NSA Fundamental Skills

NSA Fundamental Skills Class - $99 - Purchase on Eventbrite.

April 17, 2021 – 9 AM – 5 PM (CDT) || Replays will be available for purchase.

Do you know someone who wants to get into the notary signing agent business and has lots of questions on how to get started? SEND THEM THIS WAY!

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Jake Burkhalter and Brenda Stone are passionate about teaching notaries the RIGHT WAY to do things. You will get NO BETTER VALUE than this course which is $99 for 8 hours and provides 100+ pages of handouts.

This all-day virtual course (via Zoom) covers topics like:

  • The First 10 Steps a New Signing Agent Needs to Take to Transform into a Professional Business Owner.

  • What do each of these types of assignments involve as far as how many pages, flexibility, fax backs, and other variants that affect your bottom line? Refinance, Home Equity/A-6, Reverse Mortgage, 1st and 2nd, Buyer/Seller, Cash Deal, and more!

  • Do you know how much each assignment costs you? Everyone receives a copy of our Bottom-Line Calculator.

  • When is it time to “go direct!”?

Follow us through each section as we cover:

  • The important history and role of an NSA

  • Equipment, supplies, and software that you need

  • Pre-assignment tasks

  • During the assignment tasks

  • Post-assignment tasks

Finally, we will provide marketing tips to help you get out on the right foot.

Your trainers: Between us, we have 10+ years as professional trainers, 20+ years of experience in a title company, 30+ years as notary signing agents and 50+ years as notaries public.

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