$99 - Zoom and Video Training for notary professionals seeking notary signing agent course

17 JAN 2021

$99 - Best Notary Signing Agent Training:

Live Training - Up-to-Date - Video Replays

Come and spend a day with Jake & Brenda learning how to be the kind of notary signing agent that hiring parties love! (Times are CST!)

How to Purchase

We use Eventbrite to Handle the Money

When you are ready to purchase the $99 ticket, go to this link - it describes the most recent training which is FEBRUARY 13, 2021 - 9 AM - 5 PM via Zoom. We ask you to indicate which you want, Zoom/Live or Video Replay. However, both tickets will get you in to the Zoom or the Replay. This is how we know how much time to set aside for questions, etc. during our live session.

In the future, you will see us on a new website that we are working feverishly to complete NotaryStart.com where ALL participants of Jake & Brenda's courses will be able to list their notary business offerings. Until then, bear with us! Take our course! You will not be sorry! If you have questions, please reach out to trainers@notarystart.com.

If you have taken one of Jake & Brenda's courses already, please reach out for a coupon code to save $30 off your ticket making this only $69 for repeat students.

About this Event

You'll leave with a ton of confidence in your new business as a notary signing agent after being taught by Jake Burkhalter and myself (Brenda Stone). This is the strongest curriculum, the best program, and the most integrated notary signing agent training available today! ALL FOR $99!

Your Trainers

JAKE BURKHALTER - Jake's first part-time job as a teenager was with a major title company in the Houston area. He has literally grown up in the business.

You won't want to miss Jake's lighthearted, often funny, but knowledge-packed course material he teaches along with his partner Brenda Stone who has been involved in notary education for over 10 years. (Jake has also taught for 8 years at a Texas community college.)

BRENDA STONE - I have been a mortgage loan processor and a commercial loan document preparer. Together, Jake and I have over 50 years on the calendar as notaries public. We've both been handling loan documents for decades. Additionally, I have written how-to articles, full courses, and course materials for the last 10 years for various notary public associations and websites.

The Format - Zoom & Video

Those who pay for this training by the date of 2/13/2021 will receive access to videos of this course for 60 days! Brenda will have them posted by 2/20/2021. You can sit through the presentation live or you can watch the videos later! OR, you can do BOTH!

The Course Material

You will learn about the three major challenge areas to conquer in your quest to become successful

No. 1 - Setting up your own business and finding tools to help you be competitive when setting fees and negotiating them.

No. 2 - Sharpening your notary skills--to be a great notary signing agent, you must be a sterling notary public with outstanding skills.

No. 3 - Being a savvy notary signing agent who understands why they do what they do and gets called back time after time for assignments.

Sections of the Course*

1. Introduction & Pre-Flight Tips

We cover during this section that we aren't lawyers and we expect you to keep our material private and for your use only.

2. The Role of an NSA

Learn the history, the legends, and how our relatively new roles in the mortgage industry got started.

3. Credentials and Expectations

What is expected of notaries before handling loan packages and why.

4. Loan Documents Presentation

Jake will walk you through a full loan package. This is where Jake's love of teaching and care for notary signing agents really shines. You'll learn about his trick for making loan signings go quicker and smoothly. We used to do this at the end after teaching everything else, but we have learned that this is REALLY what students come for. Once they hear this great walk through the documents by a veteran escrow officer, they don't want to miss anything else we have to say!

5. Mandatory Equipment, Services, and Supplies

Don't buy too much or too little to kick off your business. We cover everything from getting set up with FedEx to printers, scanners, and the type of pens we recommend.

6. Above all, you are a Notary Public

What are some of the most important notary skills you need before tackling NSA work? You need to understand your role and how vital perfect notary work is during loan signing appointments.

7. Pre-Launch Requirements for Success

Before you start heading out to appointments, you need to know where you will go and what's involved in each type of loan or assignment you may be offered. One of the greatest tools in the loan signing industry is this section of our course. Jake will walk you through the expectations of every type of assignment possible.

8. Candid Word About Setting Fees

Every area of the country isn't the same. Fees will be higher in California and much less in other states. To set fees, you need to know exactly what your profit it. You'll see a demonstration of what you can expect to make on each assignment and how to use the calculator in your own business.

We will also discuss "going direct" and when you'll know the time is right.

9. Preparing for the Appointment

We will go step-by-step through accepting the assignment to downloading documents.

10. The Appointment

Walking through the appointment itself will give you a greater sense of confidence.

11. Post-Appointment

After the appointment, what are the critical steps to follow so that you'll be hired again?

12. Special Issues for Signing Agents

There are a few more things we need to cover here that can happen in appointments or preparing for appointments.

13. First 10 Steps for Setting Up Your Business

Brenda gives you 10 items you can do immediately to get your business up and running.

14. Business Strategies and Marketing

Once you are ready to go and have all your business needs in place, what next? We will walk through several suggestions on marketing yourself.

* Some of the listed sections may be updated and the names of the sections changed.

We look forward to seeing you!!

Brenda Stone (& Jake Burkhalter)