2021 FEB 03 - SIGNiX Launches Two Powerful Marketing Tools for Online Notaries

As you may know, except for a brief, painful, and expensive interlude with another online notary platform, Jake & I have been using SIGNiX as our online notary platform.

There is a reason why! (Actually, there are several reasons why!) The SIGNiX platform is the most helpful, the most affordable, and the most transparent platform for notaries who want to develop a book of business.

Today, Joshua Curry at SIGNiX provided several tips in an online meeting as well as an announcement about two great tools for marketing your business.

1 – The SIGNiX Notary Network

2 – SIGNiX Certification Test and Certificate.

Jake and I have been with SIGNiX for a year now. Jake has done around 500 notarizations and I am between 75 – 100. Because we personally believe in the platform and have used it for a year, we joined their referral program about a week ago to share with those who read our publications and Facebook posts. If you use my link to sign up with SIGNiX, I will be paid as much as a 10% commission. If you join SIGNiX, you’ll be able to do the same!